All Teachers are Supported and Valued

Amazing Teachers Who Go Above and Beyond for Their Students

Laura wants to lighten teachers' administrative burden. We need a disciplined efforts to drive education funds and resources to the classrooms. While many teachers go for the giggles, others change students’ lives through their demonstrative compassion.  

Teacher Compensation The value of our public-school system comes from great teachers. You deserve a School Board that will deliver competitive compensation for our teachers without bankrupting taxpayers. Competitive pay throughout a teacher's career.

Curriculum – You deserve a world-class school system with varied curriculum choices – with appropriate rigor and fidelity of delivery – that challenge and prepare all of our students, regardless of academic needs, to excel for the future.

Class Sizes (Reasonable) The children and teachers in the Hunter Mill District – and elsewhere in Fairfax County – deserve balanced class sizes and fair distribution of resources to the classroom.

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Teachers can play powerful roles in a young person’s life. Aside from their parents, educators are the ones that are with a budding academics day in and day out. They impart more than just knowledge, though. Impactful teachers offer wisdom and help a child learn to navigate through the world. Taking this role seriously, many educators go above and beyond to engage and inspire their students in everyday life

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