Who is Laura Ramirez Drain


Laura Drain is running for the school board’s Hunter Mill District. She’s running to protect the children and the families of the District. Laura has two sons who attended Fairfax County Public Schools. One son has already graduated from college. The younger one is finishing high school. She taught them to stand up and speak for what they believe in. 

Laura believes in the importance of public education. She feels that every child deserves an outstanding education no matter what school or neighborhood. 



Laura is a unique political candidate running in her first election. She was educated as an engineer with a master’s degree in Telecommunications and Marketing. She started her engineering career for the Hewlett-Packard corporation. She relocated from Mexico to the United States with the company. She was naturalized a citizen in 2008. Laura continues to work closely with the Hispanic community. 


Laura has more than 20 years of successful sales experience with information technology products and solution-based services. She’s worked for such Fortune 500 companies as Verizon, AT&T and Hewlett-Packard. She currently leads the Random Words Marketing Group as CEO of that organization. She is a certified Constant-Contact, EMail Marketing trainer. 


  When Laura lived in Mexico she was active as a volunteer serving her community and her local Catholic Church. She continues this activism. 

In 2006 she collaborated with Laura Rodriguez and Adriana Avalos to establish the Alcanzando Metas Foundation. They set up the foundation to foster the academic excellence of Hispanic youth. The foundation aimed to strengthen academic success in science, mathematics, and technology. In a six-year run, the foundations programs helped over 200 Latino students successfully graduate from area high schools. Today some of those students have become nurses, teachers, and school leaders. One has finished her Doctorate in Pharmacy.


Laura has produced and hosted a bilingual radio talk show called Café Latino Radio. Started in 2011, the talk radio show is transmitted by Fairfax Public Access (WRLD). Find it on Cox Cable Channel 30 and Verizon FIOS Channel 30.

In 2015 Laura launched Café Latino TV, which runs on Comcast Channel 28 in Reston, Virginia. In both shows Laura brings together community members, non-profit organizations and business owners. Laura and her guests share community successes over a cup of coffee. 

In 2017 Laura started a new radio show: Café Latino Cooking with Friends. The show features cooking for people who love trying new recipes.  



 Laura formed the Hispanic Professional Women Association in 2004, to provide networking and career support for Hispanic professional women around the United States, Latin America and Europe. .

Laura is lead organizer of 1 Million Cups Fairfax, where she brings together entrepreneurs and the Fairfax County community over coffee and conversations.


Author, speaker and writer

  • Author: “Culture Shock: The Rise of Hispanic Immigrants in America: How Hispanics can adapt yet preserve their heritage”
  • Co-Author: “Habits for Academic Excellence”   
  • She has frequently been asked to address issues related to the Hispanic Community within prominent forums such as NASA, Telemundo, Univision, Voice of America, Latina Magazine, NHLI.