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The Fairfax County Republican Committee officially endorsed nine candidates for the Fairfax County Board of Education by acclamation last night in Falls Church, Virginia.

 Hunter Mill District: Laura Ramirez Drain

“I am thrilled to endorse our fantastic slate of candidates for school board,” Fairfax GOP Chairman Tim Hannigan said today. “All of our candidates are well-qualified, and they are running for the right reasons.  Read more


Good news for the GOP in Fairfax – Laura Drain for School Board in Fairfax.

Laura Ramirez Drain announced a few days ago that she is running for the Hunter Mill School Board District Seat in Fairfax County.  Laura, who came to this country in the late 90’s from Mexico, came here to earn her share of the American dream. Laura is very active in her community and Fairfax, something which is sorely needed.  Laura is running against Melanie Meren a hyper PC liberal employee of DOE. Current incumbent  Pat Hynes is not seeking re-election.  Read more


Two Candidates Enter Race for Hunter Mill District School Board Seat. 

With the incumbent stepping down, two candidates are running for the Hunter Mill District seat on the Fairfax County School Board.

Earlier in January, Hunter Mill District Representative Pat Hynes said that she won’t seek re-election. Her term expires at the end of 2019.

Laura Ramirez Drain’s campaign is focused on the Family Life Education curriculum, school boundaries and the FCPS budget.  Read More  


The Larry O'Connor Show on WMAL in Washington, D.C. 

Larry was  interested in speaking with Laura regarding your campaign for school board.

 Larry O'Connor is an American talk radio host on the Cumulus-owned heritage radio station WMAL AM/FM in Washington, D.C. and frequent television guest on the Fox News early morning show Fox & Friends as well as Fox News Channel's Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld. In 2015 he married Meredith Dake. 



Laura Present a address the Fairfax County School Board On Regular Meeting Thursday, April 25, 2019  

As the world becomes more digital, more paperless, many people feel that classrooms should do the same. Many educators today support the use of tablets and other smart devices to replace textbooks. The current thinking is that the classroom should mirror the world: if everybody reads information from screens, so should students in classrooms. 

But this thinking has flaws that leave students without critical reading skills. If we are to prepare today’s students to become the workers of the future, we must enable them to solve problems, practice innovation, and make good decisions. Consider:

1. The question of print versus digital is not an either-or question; students today need to be biliterate: good readers of printed material and good consumers of digital media. 

2. People read screens differently from printed material. People tend to skim and scan through digital text; they often skim through screens with their eyes moving in an F or Z pattern.  

You can Listen click here and go the time: 1:04:30 to 1:05:05


Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee Endorses Meren for School Board

"Andy Sigle, former president of Reston Association’s Board of Directors, and Laura Ramirez Drain

whose campaign focuses on Family Life Education and the budget, were also running for the board seat. The seat was vacated by longtime Hunter Mill District Representative Pat Hynes in January. Meren’s endorsement bumps other candidates out of the race."

Read More Reston Now 

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Correction to this article: Laura Ramirez Drain is the Republican-endorsed candidate for this position, so the HMDDC's endorsement isn't going to cause her to drop out of the race. She will be on the ballot against Melanie Meren in the fall.

LauraRamirez- Drain was interviewed by John Lovaas, Comcast